Our arctic products

Exceptional flavours are created in a unique environment

Finland’s pure nature, Arctic botanicals, the world’s cleanest air, pure spring water and wild berries that grow in our pristine forests are the secret of our distinguishable flavours. All of our distilled spirits and other unique artisan beverages are handcrafted in Finland – the land of a thousand lakes.

Small details make perfection, but perfection is no small detail

We favour organic, locally sourced as well as wild ingredients – some of which grow in the nearby forests. All of the ingredients are carefully selected and distilled in small batches to ensure the premium quality of our products.

Blue Gin

Our premium artisan gin captures and confines the essence of arctic nature in a bottle. A peaceful misty morning when the delicate scents of moist arctic bilberry shrubs and spruce needles embrace in perfect harmony.

Arctic Blue
Navy Strength Gin

The Navy Strength version of our gin has a fascinatingly vivid, extra intensive aroma of bilberry – the wild Arctic blueberry – shrubs and is designed to elevate gin-based cocktails to the next level.

Blue OAT

Based on our award-winning Arctic Blue Gin, this dairy-free delight combines the genuine aromas of bilberries – the wild arctic blueberries – with the smoothness of creamy dessert liqueurs. Arctic Blue Oat Liqueur is made from pure northern oats grown in the cleanest air in the world.

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