Experience the harmony of arctic nature

Arctic Blue

Welcome to the world of premium artisanal beverages made with passion and dedication from carefully selected natural Arctic ingredients: wild berries, northern botanicals and fresh spring water.

Think of the polar night. Six months of frozen darkness, lit only by the occasional Northern Lights. Think of short yet intense summers under the ever-shining midnight sun. Think of a land of no compromises. This is where we and our drinks come from – Finland. Everything we do is North of ordinary.


We are opening a Showroom Distillery in collaboration with NoHo Partners in the brand-new Kulttuurikasarmi, located right in the heart of Helsinki. The Arctic Blue Showroom Distillery will open during 2024.

The Showroom Distillery will offer a glimpse into the world of Arctic Blue Beverages, producing and serving our exceptional products to Kulttuurikasarmi restaurants and events. Moreover, it’s an experience – join us for product tastings and get a taste of our special edition creations.

Our Story

It all started with a mad vision, to catch the arctic nature in a bottle.

We are a company and a craft distillery from Finland – the land of a thousand lakes and uncountable wild forests. A company with the mission to make the world’s best gin and other arctic beverages.

Our distillery is tucked away in the small town of Ilomantsi, in the North Karelian region of Eastern Finland. The peaceful and quiet region of woodlands where, instead of busy traffic, the wolverines and bears still roam.

Small details make perfection, but perfection is no small detail.


Less is more. Quality is everything. Our unique award-winning beverages, like Arctic Blue Gin, draw both their inspiration and ingredients from exceptionally pure Nordic nature.


Dive into the world of arctic mixology. There are many ways to enjoy Arctic Blue beverages – find our signature cocktails, methods and inspirational ideas here.


Hello friend, pleased to meet you! We are the gutsy Finns behind Arctic Blue Gin and other high-quality Arctic Blue products.