Once again, we boldly went where no gin has gone before!

Experience the world’s very first dairy-free gin-based oat liqueur and the harmony of arctic nature.

Arctic Blue Oat

Dairy-Free Oat Liqueur

Based on our award-winning Arctic Blue Gin, this dairy-free delight combines the genuine aromas of bilberries – the wild arctic blueberries – with the smoothness of creamy dessert liqueurs. Despite its creaminess, Arctic Blue Oat Liqueur is made from pure northern oats grown in the cleanest air in the world.

Our pioneering oat liqueur is 100% vegan and gluten-free. Handcrafted in Finland.

Alcohol 17%, 500 ml, Alko’s product number 950246, price 21,99€.

Scent and flavour profile

Embark on an exciting journey to northern bilberry-blanketed forests and cosy Karelian kitchens, with ovens warmed and ready for baking. Pure northern oats join in harmony with Arctic Blue Gin to create the flavour of an oaty blueberry pie, smothered in vanilla sauce and topped off with a generous sprinkling of cardamom. The aromas contain the scent of freshly baked cardamom bread. Arctic Blue Oat liqueur provides warmth in the winter, but serve it over ice for a refreshing and cooling drink on hot summer days.


Ideal for innovative mixology

The World’s First Dairy-Free Gin-Based Oat Liqueur

Savour Arctic Blue Oat Liqueur before or after dinner or enjoy in cocktails. As it is dairy-free, Arctic Blue Oat Liqueur is ideal for innovative mixology.

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